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What current and former clients say...

Former Clients

What former clients say...

"I appreciated the practical and rational approach that spoke to my way of thinking and allowed me to relate in the sessions. Since the focus of the sessions was relationships, much of the benefit revolved around this area. Other areas were positively impacted though, including increased trust, feeling supported/not alone, having a real safe space."


"Dr. Goetz has a way to figure out what I need and tailor to providing it. Often it's providing me permission to do something, or brainstorming very specific/actionable steps on handling a situation. We've had a lot of lightbulb moments over time."


"All aspects of treatment allowed me to feel extremely safe and secure. With Dr. Goetz, I felt protected and care for- which allowed me to trust in her and in the process she created for us as a dyad."

"Noticed huge improvements across all areas of my life."


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