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Dr. Wandy Goetz

Meet Dr. Wendy Goetz

Owner, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Wendy Goetz


I entered this field because of an intuitive belief that relationships, while complex, are fluid and can be improved with knowledge and effort. I aim to make therapy transparent by sharing my thought process and teaching clients to think and react in new ways. Therapy is an opportunity to understand ourselves and build a satisfying life and meaningful relationships.

I have over 15 years of experience providing clinical services. As a Chicago native, it’s hard to imagine practicing as a psychologist anywhere else, as all of the things I personally love about the city—the diversity, culture, arts, opportunities—are the same things that help me flourish professionally.


People are savvy, and access to digital self-help and psychological materials is unprecedented. But in-person relational experiences can’t be replaced. I will help you discover what your feelings are telling you about needs that aren’t being met, and take steps to improvement that are realistic and achievable. Together, we’ll figure out ways for you to thrive.


  • What It's Like to work With me?
    I am interactive and attentive to every layer of listening, including your words, tone of voice, body language, and also what is being left unsaid. I bring humor in when appropriate, and clients have shared they find me to be relatable and real. I’m always willing to tackle difficult and complex issues and challenge you in supportive but direct ways, with deep empathy and acute awareness. This helps you engage in your growth and feel empowered to make the changes you seek on your own. I provide feedback in an open, nonjudgmental way, and help you practice communicating so you’re comfortable implementing these skills in all your relationships. My goal is always to help you use your strengths to heal yourself and move forward.
  • Therapeutic Approach
    My work is based on the principle that individuals are inseparable from the relationships in their life: All areas of life are connected, so change in one area will produce change in another. Relationships can be improved and repaired by recognizing problematic patterns in past experiences, thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Identifying those patterns enables us to take appropriate actions to produce lasting change. I have a particular passion for working with: Relationships (partner, family, coworkers, friends) Effective communication Sexual orientation and gender identity (LGBTQIA) Sex and intimacy Body image and self-esteem Cross-cultural identity Chronic illness and pain Life balance and wellness Life transitions Students training to be therapists Whether I work with you as an individual, couple, or family, we’ll explore your struggles in the context of your whole life, considering your inner self, style of interacting with others, beliefs, physical health, stress level, work, culture, and community.
  • Education and Training
    2004: BA, Sociology and Psychology - Marquette University In-home line therapist for children with autism spectrum disorders and supervisor for in-home senior care workers 2007: Started providing clinical services within graduate training. Saw individuals, couples, families, and groups in university and inpatient hospital and residential unit settings 2009: MA, Clinical Psychology - Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Chicago 2010: Internship, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Counseling Center. Training program accredited by the American Psychological Association 2011: Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) - Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Chicago 2011: Postdoctoral Fellowship at Argosy University, providing clinical work as well as a role within training department, assessing development of students training to be therapists
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