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Dr. Wandy Goetz

Meet Dr. Wendy Goetz

Owner, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Wendy Goetz


I entered this field because of an intuitive belief that relationships, while complex, are fluid and can be improved with knowledge and effort. I aim to make therapy transparent by sharing my thought process and teaching clients to think and react in new ways. Therapy is an opportunity to understand ourselves and build a satisfying life and meaningful relationships.

I have over 15 years of experience providing clinical services. As a Chicago native, it’s hard to imagine practicing as a psychologist anywhere else, as all of the things I personally love about the city—the diversity, culture, arts, opportunities—are the same things that help me flourish professionally.


People are savvy, and access to digital self-help and psychological materials is unprecedented. But in-person relational experiences can’t be replaced. I will help you discover what your feelings are telling you about needs that aren’t being met, and take steps to improvement that are realistic and achievable. Together, we’ll figure out ways for you to thrive.


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