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Insurance and Fees

Insurance and Fees


Opus Behavioral Health is in network for Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans, and out of network for all other insurance plans, including BCBS Blue Choice.


Please verify your mental health coverage by calling the customer service number on the back of your insurance card. Some BCBS PPO plans contract with other insurance providers for mental health benefits.  If this is the case, Opus Behavioral Health may be considered an out-of-network provider.

If you do not have BCBS PPO and would like to use your benefits to cover some of the service costs, Opus Behavioral Health will supply paperwork that you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

A Good Faith Estimate (GFE) is available upon request at any time and provided to new clients prior to beginning therapy, in accordance with the No Surprises Act beginning January 1, 2022.


Individual Services:

60 Minute Intake/Assessment Session:                $215

55 Minute Psychotherapy Session:                        $195


Couples & Family Services:

60 Minute Intake/Assessment Session:                $235

55 Minute Psychotherapy Session:                        $220

15 minute consultation:                                           Free

Missed sessions/Late cancellation:                        $100

Letter & report writing, consultations

with treatment providers:                                        $50 /15 min

Opus Behavioral Health is committed to making high quality mental health services accessible to everyone, regardless of financial status.  Income-based sliding scale fees are available for those without insurance coverage who cannot pay the full fee, but please note there are a limited number of these slots.

PsyPact & Teletherapy

I am qualified and authorized to provide teletherapy across several states through PSYPACT and hold an APIT (a licensed psychologist’s Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology) and E.Passport certification (issued by ASPPB, the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Board). As of March 1, 2023 those states include: 

Alabama   •   Arizona   •   Arkansas   Colorado   •   Connecticut   •   Delaware    District of Columbia (DC)   •   Georgia   Idaho   •   Indiana   •   Kansas   

 Kentucky   •   Maine   •   Maryland     Minnesota   •   Missouri   •   Nebraska     Nevada   •   New Hampshire   •   New Jersey   North Carolina   •   Ohio   •   Oklahoma Pennsylvania   •   Tennessee   •   Texas       Utah   •   Virginia   •   Washington   

West Virginia   •   Wyoming   •   Wisconsin   

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